Every Man Has an ETHOS, whats YOURS

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Six8consultants TTEFS (Tactical Threat Engagement for Officer Survival) was designed for the officer in the field,  may he or she be a patrol officer, a security officer, a private contractor, or anyone that goes into harm’s way. 

 Our training is geared towards the Law Enforcement and Security Professionals who are truly societies FIRST RESPONDERS, and who always ANSWER THE CALL.

It may be a lonely patrol in an urban dwelling housing area, or a patrol on many of the private property's or business establishment, to armed courier duties for select Fortune 500 companies.  WE ARE TARGETS for those with criminal intent. Statistics have shown that an increase in violence against Law Enforcement and Security officers is on the rise. Many threat engagements take place within less than 5 to 10 feet of your assailant.  Most often the threat contact happens during the hours of low light operations, areas of low visibility. Awareness of your surroundings is the Key

“MOVE", and we will train you to MOVE. Combat is always fluid never static, train as you will fight, FIGHT TO LIVE! Every man has an ETHOS, what is yours?


Our course provides training in shooting and weapon handling skills as they apply in the most common armed assaults against law enforcement and armed professionals.

The primary focus of this course is to offer specific training for officers who desire more formidable pistol fighting skills. The class also provides students with tactical training to help avoid an armed assault when possible.

Classes in Defensive Pistol 1, Defensive Pistol 2, Two Man Team Tactics, Executive Protection, Utah CCW, Tactical Shooting, 

BSIS courses, Powers to Arrest course, Firearms, Baton, and the Elective Security training Modules required by the State of California

Bureau of Security and Investigative Service.

Welcome to Six8Consultants TTEFS

Here at Six8 Consultants TTEFS, TFF#1346 and TFB #1316 security has become a unique and challenging arena. At Six8 Consultants TTEFS, we understand some of the challenges in your career that you may have faced.  We offer Training in many areas, so our clients can and will have a better understanding of safety and weapons instruction tailored to there needs. We offer  Civilian Courses in weapons instruction in several NRA discipline’s from Beginner through Intermediate to Professional. "We Will T

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HONOR AND COMMITMENT TO OUR WARRIORS WE love our customers, so feel free to contact us.

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